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Bike Maintenance 101

Woman with Vilano Diverse 3.0

Basic Bike Maintenance

Whether you just bought a bike or need brushing up on routine maintenance, RoadBikeOutlet is here to help! Our knowledgebase is full of quick, informative articles and FAQs on our current (and even a few past) bike models like the Diverse 3.0 and the Vilano R2 Road Bike. Vilano Bikes has a video catalogue of bicycle maintenance tips and tricks that we dip into liberally, so we can best assist you. 

With a little time and patience, putting your new bike together and keeping it maintained are handy skills to have. We suggest taking the bike to a qualified bike technician or local repair shop for final safety checks or fine tuning if you lack the tools or need extra help.

The best time to have fun on your bike is right now. We are here for you with customer support and educational videos every step of the way.