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The Pros of Road Bikes

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Why Buy a Road Bike?

Road bicycles handle well and are speedy, whether you ride for exercise or pedal to work. While the science of all bikes is the same, road bikes do differ from hybrids, cruisers and MTBs. Let's break down some advantages to road bikes.

Pros of Road Bikes


As road bicycles are designed to perform on smooth and hard surfaces, they can be made lightweight. Where a mountain bike is made to roll over obstacles, and a cruiser typically has larger tires, a road bike like the Vilano R2 has skinny, high pressure - low volume tires.


Put a road bike up against any other bike style, it will outrace any other type on the street. The wheels typically have a larger diameter, and the narrow tires hit the tarmac with minimal drag. Knobby MTB tires and fatter tires on a cruiser meet with more resistance on the road and slow you down on that surface.


The drop style handlebars on road bikes mean the rider is in a forward leaning position. This is an efficient way to ride, as the cyclist leans into the wind rather than sitting up resisting it.

Features of the Vilano R2 Road Bike

The Vilano R2 is a great entry level road bike, perfect for those who are on a budget or new to cycling. It makes a great commuter bike, good for riding around campus or with a group on the weekend. Check out this short video from Vilano Bikes on its features: