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Assembly Instructions

Your item comes from the factory mostly assembled. Like any factory direct item, it needs to be properly assembled before use. You can assemble your item yourself, keep the manual handy, and refer to it for any questions. Inspect the item prior to each use, and ensure it is in proper working order.

If you are comfortable assembling yourself below are some instructional videos.

If you run into a snag, please call us at (904) 425-1366 or Contact Us

NOTE: Improper assembly / tuning can lead to damage of the item, or injury to yourself. Regular maintenance and tuning is essential to ensure proper operation.

  • Go SLOWY and DON'T FORCE any parts.
  • Tighten all parts, and check adjustments. All parts, including pre-installed parts must be tightened and adjusted. After a few uses you should recheck. Regularly check your item to make sure it is in good working order. 

  • Be safe, have fun, and always wear your helmet :)

    Assembly & Tuning Videos

    How to Use the Aluminum Mechanic Bike Workstand Locking Nut

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    Portable Home Bike Repair Stand Assembly

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    How To Assemble and Setup the Conquer Cycling Trainer

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