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Assembly Instructions

Assorted Assembly, Maintenance, and How-to Videos Videos PLUS Warranty Information

Your item is factory direct, and will likely need to be assembled. We created the videos below to help you in the assembly process. If at any time you need additional assistance, please contact us for help. All bikes are mostly assembled, but bolts may be loose, the wheels or fork may need truing, and it must be properly adjusted and tuned prior to your initial ride and then after subsequent use. If you are unsure about assembly, please take it to a bike shop. 
Threaded parts (crank arms, stem, and bottom brackets) are not covered under warranty.   If you're not sure of bike sizing or what kind of bike to purchase, please watch this video

   Assembly Videos        Maintenance / How to Use Videos      
  Bike Adjustment / Alteration       Children's bikes
 2 in 1 Treadmill / Stair Climber  *** Pedal Installation ***  Change a rear flat tire on geared bike   Vilano 3 in 1 Tricycle 2015
  Vilano Shadow Assembly  Install Tubes and tires  Brake installation   Vilano Girls Bike Assembly 
 Conquer Vertical Climber  Adjust brake calipers on a road bike  Rear derailleur on a geared bike   Vilano Kids 24" Mountain Bike
 6-in-1 Inversion Power Tower  Why tune up a factory direct bike?   Mechanical disc brake adjustment   Balance Bike Assembly 
 Single / Fixie Part II  Conquer Trainer How to use  Remove a Bottom Bracket Cartridge Vilano Kids 20" Mountain Bike
  Folding bike assembly  Install a Bottom Bracket Cartridge  Crank Set Removal
    Folding bikes- 2011-14  Adjust your saddle  Threadless Headset stem removal 2in1 Out of box to Push Bike
    Avanti Folding Assembly  Install cleats on a road cycling shoe  Adjust Dropouts on Your Steel Fork 2in1 Convert Push to Pedal
 Using a quick release  Install cleats on a MTB cycling shoe  Fork Removal  2in1 Pedal bike w/ Training Wheels   
 Vilano Tuono 2016 Assembly   Adjusting the Tuono Flat Bar Stem  Installation of a Road Bike Fork  Vilano Boys BMX Style Bike Assembly
 The Pro-Tune Service  BlackJack 29er brake adjustment  Quill Assembly   2014 model 3 in 1 Trike
 Assemble the T2  How to use a locking kickstand Linear pull brake adjustment  OTHER VIDEOS:
Pro build - what's left? Shift Gears w/ the Avanti Folding Bike   Install handle bar tape Change Vilano Tuono Shifter Cables
 Assemble any Conquer Trainer  Using A050 Shifters  Replace brake cable on road bike   Use of tourney shifters on the shadow
 Using your Conquer Trainer Install cleats on cycling shoes  Adjust your Gavin Shoe Buckle  Bike Maintenance and Safety Checks
 Road Bike Part I Adjust front derailleur on a geared bike  Reverse stem on a bike  Inflator Valve Adjustment on SUP
 Road Bike Part II Ceiling mounted kayak lift  Single Speed / Fixie Brake Installation  Convert single speed to fixie
 Tuono Assembly Part I  Inflator valve on a SUP  Replace spoke on a wheel
 Tuono Assembly Part II Shifting and cross chaining  Setup Conquer low profile tri-bars
 Assemble fixie / single speed  Repair paint on your bike  Installation of aerobars


General Assembly Checklist (not all-inclusive)
1. Attach your wheel / use quick release (Video)
2. Adjust your front and rear derailleur (Video)
3. Adjust and test your brakes (Video)
4. Inflate your tires to proper pressure (max pressure is on your tires)
5. Pedals have both left and right threadsPlease see Video and instructions to the right.
6. Tighten crankset to 20-22 lbs of torque.
7.The wheels may require truing. This is normal with a factory direct bicycle. (How to true wheels)
8. Tighten all parts, check adjustments, and tune your bike prior to riding. All parts, including pre-installed parts must be tightened and adjusted. After a few rides you should tune your bike again. Regularly check your bike to make sure it is in good working order. Inspect your bike prior to each ride. Be safe, have fun, and always wear your helmet. 


Bike Pedal Assembly/ Installing Pedals (NOTE: threaded parts are not covered by warranty)
The right pedal screws on clockwise while the left pedal is installed counter clockwise
Do not force a pedal, it should thread easily. Once it is on, tighten with a wrench. We don't warranty crank arms.  Begin by identifying the right and left bike pedals by finding the "L" and "R" marking on the axle or wrench flats. If no "L" and "R" marking are seen, use pedal thread direction to identify pedals. Left threaded pedals (threads sloping upward to the left) go to left crank. Right threaded pedals (threads sloping upward to the right) attach to the right crank. 

a. Heavily grease the threads of both pedals using pedal grease. 
b. Using fingers on the wrench flats, thread each pedal until snug.
c. Use a wrench to snug pedal until tight and position your wrench on the flat portion of the pedal. 
d. Using opposite arm as second lever, tighten pedal. Don't forget the process for the left peda is to thread counter-clockwise to install.

Always have your bike properly tuned / adjusted by a qualified bicycle mechanic after assembly and prior to riding. Improper assembly / tuning can lead to damage of the bicycle and/or injury to yourself. Regular maintenance and tuning is essential to ensure proper and long term operation of your bicycle.

Please take your bicycle to a professional for regular safety inspections. Please inspect your bike prior to each ride to ensure it is safe to use. If at any time you have a concern, don't ride the bike. Get it checked out by a professional bike mechanic. We want every ride to be fun and safe. Thank you. 

Always wear your helmet. If you run into a snag during or after assembly, please call us at (904) 425-1366 or Contact Us