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Assembly Instructions

Your bike comes from the factory mostly assembled. Like any factory direct bike, it needs to be properly tuned before riding. You can assemble your bike yourself but if you are not comfortable, PLEASE take it to a local bike shop for assembly.

If you are comfortable assembling yourself below is a quick checklist and links to instructional videos.

If you run into a snag, please call us at (904) 425-1366 or Contact Us

Always have your bike properly tuned / adjusted by a qualified bicycle mechanic prior to riding. Improper assembly / tuning can lead to damage of the bicycle and/or injury to yourself. Regular maintenance and tuning is essential to ensure proper operation of your bicycle.

Assembly Quick Check List: Please review and complete the following before riding your bike.

  1. Go SLOWY and DON'T FORCE any parts.
  2. Attach your front wheel (Video)
  3. Adjust your front and rear derailleur (Video)
  4. Adjust and test your brakes (Video)
  5. Adjust and test your brakes for your pro-builds (Video)
  6. Inflate your tires to proper pressure (max pressure is displayed on your tires)
  7.  Pedals have both left and right threads. The right pedal screws in clockwise while the left pedal is installed counter clockwise.
    Do not force a pedal. WE DO NOT WARRANTY CRANK ARMS.
  8. Tighten crankset to 20-22 lbs of torque.
  9. The wheels may require truing. This is normal with a factory direct bicycle. (How to true wheels)
  10. Tighten all parts, check adjustments, and tune your bike prior to riding. All parts, including pre-installed parts must be tightened and adjusted. After a few rides you should tune your bike again. Regularly check your bike to make sure it is in good working order. 

We have a Complete Bike Assembly Videos available for reference.

Be safe, have fun, and always wear your helmet :)

Assembly & Tuning Videos

Installing Pedals (IMPORTANT)

Begin by identifying the right and left pedals. Look for "L" and "R" marking on axle or wrench flats. If no "L" and "R" marking are seen, use pedal thread direction to identify pedals. Left threaded pedals (threads sloping upward to the left) go to left crank. Right threaded pedals (threads sloping upward to the right) go to right crank.

a. Heavily grease threads of both pedals.
b. Using fingers on wrench flats, thread right side pedal into right crank. Use wrench to snug pedal.
c. Position wrench on flats for good mechanical advantage. Hold wrench with one hand while holding opposite crank with other. (Pedal the bike backward to install both left and right.)
d. Using opposite arm as second lever, tighten pedal. Repeat process for left pedal, but threading pedal counter-clockwise to install.

Please be very careful installing your pedals, improper installation will result in stripping the crank arm. Crank stripping is not covered under your bike warranty.

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Attach a front wheel with Quick Release

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Rear Derailleur Adjustment

For more information please see Park Tool Rear Dérailleur Adjustment.

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Front Derailleur Adjustment

For more information please see Park Tool Front Dérailleur Adjustment.
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Brake Adjustment

For more information please see Park Tool Brake Adjustment.
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Brake Adjustment for pro-builds

Complete Bike Assembly Videos

Quick Links:

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